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Free  Personality Report
Why this Assessment?

  • Make full use of Capabilities of your Child.
  • Create Genuine Interest in Studies.
  • Normalize Behavior & Improve Discipline.
  • Develop Smartness & Diligence in Child.
  • Make Child more Alert to potential Dangers & Bad Company.
  • Improve Child's Social Behavior.
  • Improve on Self-Confidence & Mental Toughness.
  • Make Child more Lovable and Easy.
  • Develop Adaptability in Child.
This is a SWOT analysis of your child's personality. As
the nature of report is self explanatory- this report will
provide details of your child's 'Strength' that can take
him/her to the height of success. 'Weakness' that can
hold back the child from progressing in the correct
direction with desired speed. And off course
'Opportunities', child should exploit that comes in the
course of life; along with substantial 'Threats'.

Apart from above mention reports, there are highly
effective and practical recommendation to change the
course of child's personality growth.
Its not about Right or Wrong, Good or Bad
its about what Works and what Doesn't
Tillu Lab is a concept by 360° Kids™ having experts
from different domains of child  development working in
close sync to make parenting more fun.
360° Kids, a day care in proximity of Dwarka &
Janakpuri, New Delhi. This daycare is intended to make
kids fall in love with diligence & smartness.
Personality traits  make a man do what he do, be it
choosing a career,  raising to challenges, file for a
divorce, or simply play  his favourite time pass.
Children are naughty, defiant and impulsive at some
point of time, which is perfectly normal. But some
children are on extreme side and need help.
Some people are born to rule, few to serve, few to enjoy and few
souls remains unsatisfied, depending upon their programming or