Your little Infant comes wired with characteristics, not an empty slate. This is the best time to identify the basic building blocks of your child to ease your parenting life.
It is a misconception that a child when born is like a formatted disk and you can write whatever you want with ease. Ask people with experience of raising infants, they will tell you about the variation of temperament every child is born with.


By this time, he/she starts exhibiting his/her very basic traits in front of parents, preschool teachers & siblings. If not addressed properly and appropriately, cementing process is at its best.
This is the best age to discipline child and you might would like learn why some children of this age are more deep-seated than others. This is the best time to direct your efforts in right direction.


By this age child has is in finalisation stage of maturing the traits and character of child. Only small window of improvement or modulation is left. Perhaps the last chance to try your luck. Though you cannot change those entirely, but subtle changes are welcome.
Some of your questions that arises about your child’s behavior and its impact on academic, family, social and professional life are answered here.


Whatever chances of induction of behavior changes are left are about to die if not died already. At this stage, not much changes in majority of the cases (when I say majority it means about 90 percent).
Teenagers are known to be driven by passion, hormones and peer pressure, rather than reasoning. Your subtle moves instead of your moral lectures can make a big difference, try it on.

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What Parents Says

read on to see what parents has to say after raeding tillu lab report of their kids.


A little bit about Tillu Lab

We are 35 member strong team, and poising ahead.

Tillu Lab is dedicated to parents worried about parenting and development of their children. This is one of it's kind platform where we assess every child for his potentials and downside. We are working on identifying myths of parenting & personality development, clarifying the stances of child behavior.