Personality Assessment of Children for Studies.
Personality Test for Spouse to Resolve Differences
Personality Test to Reach full Potential

Personality Test is the First Step for Personality Development

Rajni Srivastava

The Home Maker

“I was a bright student since my early childhood but was never allowed to make decisions for myself. I am what I am expected to be, obedient wife, an understanding mother, a charming host”. If this is my destiny I want to change it, but how?

Mahinder Rajpoot

The Businessman

“I am an undergraduate from a service class family. Since my childhood, I always dreamt of doing my own business, not an empire type, but fulfilling enough”. Surely the attitude of a businessman is not in my genes, but there must be a substitute for it.

Priyadarshan kumar


I am the proud father of a girl and a boy. I don’t have high expectations from them, want them to live a healthy, normal, happy life, but things not working the way they should be. Home has become more of an arena. I know what to do, but how?

Maira Verma


I am into a relationship. Initially, it was like a dream come true, everything was so perfect, and we got married. My husband, with time, turned out to be an entirely different person, now I am stuck, leaving with a baby is not an option, can I change him or me?

What is Personality Test or Assessment?

Every human has a specific pattern of behaviour, which helps him keep going in society and achieve what's essential for him or her. Decisions ranging from trimming nails to taking self’s life are influenced by these factors, that we call personality traits. In a personality assessment session, we keep ourselves or another person as a subject and try to access in a non-judgemental way. In personality assessment with Tillu Lab, we talk about the subject’s weakness & strengths and turning them around. The main objective of any personality assessment is predicting the behaviour pattern of an individual and prevent potential mishappenings that may occur. An assessment in time can save your own life, or someone’s your own family. Personality assessment is a wonderful tool that helps in parenting, career counselling, maintaining relationships, and sometimes shedding them off.

Who Needs a Personality Assessment & Why?

Personality Assessment is not a clinical exercise that needs an immediate reason to be performed. People who are experiencing irrational behaviour from person or people around them should take an assessment of self or other person. Some of the reasons are noted here: Parenting- every single person who have no kid is an expert advisor on this subject. If there was a fail safe book on parenting, I would have named it here. Tillu Lab is an excellent parenting tool, provided you have the stomach for recommendations it present after examining your child. Relationships- this is an era of wants not needs, so are the relationships. Every person in a relationship is looking for thrill, excitement and more power over partner. Couples are chasing materialistic gains with lack of patience and commitment. Career– Ambitions and hard work alone can not take make your dreams come true. Its not what you do but how you do, keeping confidence, sensitivity, boldness, openness to change in right degree.

How to take assessment for myself & others?

Tillu Lab personality assessment can be done of your own self and your partner’s or children’s as well. You will be asked to get registered with some of your basic information, payment to check the authenticity. Questions– You will be asked a series of question (appx. 80) from your daily routine life or the information you have of your partner/child. Try to answer them as honestly as you can without getting biased. Once you submit the questions you will be logged out for security reasons. Login again to view complete report, you can view it online, download it or email it. In Tillu Lab report you will find the factors that regulate your behaviour and decision that influence your relationships, parenting or your professional life.

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